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Advanced Machines Port for Beta 1.7.3 to work with IC2 v1.0

Advanced Machine is a cool addon for IC2 and does already exist for IC2 v1.0 but it is missing the Centrifuge extractor (added in the b1.8 version). I did already port the b1.8 version to b1.7 (with some improvements) but it was for IC2Mp. This is a port of that version, but for Beta 1.7.3 with IC2 v1.0. I also fixed a few code issues and bugs.

This addon adds in 3 new machines. The Rotary Macerator (upgraded macerator), Singularity Compressor (upgraded compressor) and the Centrifuge Extractor (upgraded extractor). These upgraded machines behave like the induction furnace compared to the electric furnace. They start out slower than their cheaper counterparts but as they are used they speed up. You can also use a redstone torch to always have them active so that they're always ready to work at a fast rate. This does require power but the power drain is very insignificant.

I tried my best not to change too much about this addon but I did change a few things that I found were dumb mechanics or missing features. All of the changes I did were to make these machines more comparable to their unupgraded counterparts. Here is a list of everything that has changed: -Added ModMenu support -Added custom entries in Aether's Book of Lore. -For the rotary macerator, I added the smoke particles at the top of the machine when it's active just like the regular macerator. I added this because I wanted the rotary macerator to behave consistantly with the regular macerator. -Fixed an issue where the speed of the rotary macerator and the psi of the singularity compressor would sometimes be negative. -Added macerator and compressor sound effects to the rotary macerator and the singularity compressor respectively. Don't know why these weren't implemented in the first place. -Advanced machines will now get the modded recipes that their unupgraded versions get. What this means is for example, my nether ores mod adds in custom recipes to the macerator where the nether ores can be macerated to receive more materials per ore. It only added recipes for the macerator, but now because of the way the mod handles recipes, it'll take all the normal macerating recipes so even though nether ores doesn't specifically add in a macerating recipe to the rotary macerator, it will still be able to macerate them. The same applies for the singularity compressor. -In the original version of the mod, if something is being macerated/compressed and the machine runs out of energy, the progress of the task would save but once the speed/psi hit 0 it would reset. Now even when speed/psi is 0 the progress will not reset. -In the original version of the mod, if the ore being macerated/compressed was taken out before the task was completed, the progress of the task would be saved. It would only be deleted if the speed/psi hit 0. Now, the only way for the progress to be reset is if the item being processed is removed from the machines slot. This was done to make the rotary macerator and singularity compressor behave more like their unupgraded counterparts. -If the player mines an advanced machine with a pickaxe, the machine will now drop an advanced machine block instead of the machine itself. This was done to make it behave like other IC2 machines. -Added an option to make wrench rate of machines 100% in the config.


Meefy - Creator of this port.

zippinus - Original creator of this addon.


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