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Aether Expansion addon for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3.

This mod consists of cool ideas I had to add on to the Aether as well as some lost content that was never added to the Aether.

All the info for the mod can be found in the readme file located in the mod's download or in the mod review that I uploaded here:

All items in this mod have custom entries in the Book of Lore. All of them except for the Chain gloves are in the Aether chapter while the chain gloves are in the Overworld chapter.

Please note that this mod isn't finished. I may add more things in the future. If you have any recommendations please let me know. You can contact me on twitter. My account is @meefy_seven. Also contact me if you find any bugs.

Feel free to distribute this, modify it and put it in any of your modpacks. I just ask that you give me credit and you don't try to sell this for money.

Finally, I'd like to say that I hope you enjoy this mod. I've been working on this addon on and off for months but in the end I think it turned out really well :D.

All dependencies are found in the download, just be sure to unzip them.

Changelog: v0.4.4: -Fixed an issue where default entity ID for moa staff moa would conflict with AetherMP -Tons more craft entity integration on bukkit side****

v0.4.3: -Organized code in packages -Code optimizations -Fire ticks are not set from fireball entity, phoenix sword or flaming gemstone if the current fire ticks of the entity is greater than the ticks trying to be set. -Aether Expansion now has an internal plugin on bukkit. -Attacking an entity with the flaming gemstone equipped will now have a 1/20 chance of setting that entity on fire for 8 seconds on bukkit. Previously this was only on client side but thanks to the internal plugin it is possible on bukkit. -Player will no longer be able to hit another entity with any healing staff if the staff is on cooldown or does not have enough durability. Previously this was only on client side but thanks to the internal plugin it is possible on bukkit. -Every entity in Aether Expansion now has its own CraftEntity class meaning plugins can easily hook into, and modify certain aspects of Aether Expansion entities. -Fixed a bug where the advanced incubator would instantly incubate any egg. -Fixed a bug where incubating an orange moa egg in an advanced incubator would give a moa that is fully grown and saddled. -Fixed a bunch of bugs with orange moas on bukkit where some data wouldn't be sent which would result in visual glitches. -Fixed an issue where the moa would look like it was walking but lag back in place. This happened because the client thought that it was supposed to walk while the server did not. -Fixed an issue where having a different gui/window size would break the button to change books on the bookshelf of lore. The button should work regardless of window size, resolution and/or gui size.

v0.4.2: -Fixed an issue where Orange Moas could be instantly fed with no cooldown. -Fixed hitbox being screwed up if player didn't reload world after making an orange moa fully grown in sp world. -Reduced spawn rate of voids trees. -Using a skyroot axe or a skyroot paxel (from aether paxels) on void logs will now drop 2 skyroot logs.

v0.4.1: -Fixed an issue where the Orange Moa could eat an unlimited amount of Void Tomatoes in SP.

v0.4: -Fixed an issue where the player wouldn't receive a message saying their heal staff was on cooldown if they hit an entity with the Staff of Healing on SP or hit an entity with weak healing staff on MP or right clicked the heal staff on MP. -Fixed an issue where going to the Aether in single player would crash if you were using the AetherMP patch jar in place of AetherAPI. AetherAPI has been merged into the AetherMP Client jar so you should always use the AetherMP jar even if you're just playing singleplayer. The standalone AetherAPI jar will no longer work with the mod. The AetherMP jar will not affect single player gameplay at all so you shouldn't worry about installing it. -Fixed an issue where the player could only craft the healing matrix when using the middle row of a crafting table. -If Aether is not installed or is installed incorrectly, the game will now crash with an error telling you to fix your installation. -Fixed an issue where accessories wouldn't drop on player death in MP once the player has already died once. -Fixed some null pointers on server. -Fixed an issue where unholy sword dart would travel through entities in SP. -Removed explosion effect from the Unholy Sword. -The Jeb Shield now spawns in silver dungeons instead of gold dungeons. -The Speed Ring no longer spawns in silver dungeons. It can now only be found in bronze dungeons. -Various code optimizations. -Updated installation instructions. -Preloaded the sprite sheet to prevent texture glitching with the blocks added in. -Updated lore entries for phoenix tools. -Added Aether Expansion achievement page that has new achievements. -Aer cape is now more responsive to controls on mp. -Refactored some code and organized directories for textures. -Flaming Gemstone now has a 1/8 chance of setting an entity on fire when it attacks you (was previously 1/5) -The Healing staffs now heals moas beyond 20 HP. -The player will no longer be spammed with the insufficient durability message from the aer cape if it doesn't have any charges left and you're performing mid air jumps with the aer bunny on your head. -Added an option in the config to force the Halloween event regardless of the date. -Merged some classes together. -Added a lot more bukkit events to the mp port. -Most player specific fields are now written to NBT. What this means is for example is if your sentry shield has 15 seconds left on its cooldown and you log out of your world. When you log back in the cooldown will still be at 15 seconds instead of restarting at 25 seconds (like it did previously). The same applies to other cooldowns and much more. -Added Blue Moa Staff. Can be used to summon a blue moa. For more information, read above documentation. -Added White Moa Staff. Can be used to summon a white moa. For more information, read above documentation. -Added Black Moa Staff. Can be used to summon a black moa. For more information, read above documentation. -Added Golden Elixir. Has many different uses for orange moas. Dropped by void tree and found in wood chests in bronze and silver dungeons. -Added Orange Moa Egg. Can be incubated to spawn in an orange moa. -Added Orange Moa. Orange Moas have various different upgrades available to them. Read above for more detail. -Added Moa Armor (Gold, Iron, Diamond, Zanite, Gravitite). -Added Void Tomato. Orange Moa upgrade. Dropped by void trees. -Added Golden Brew. Orange Moa upgrade. Can be crafted. -Added Advanced Incubator. Required to incubate orange moas. Also behaves like a regular incubator. -Added Void Trees. Drops void tomatoes and golden elixir. -Added Resurrection Pendant. -Added Bookshelf of Lore. Combines all 3 books of lore into 1 block. -All new items have lore entries. -Overworld dungeons now have a chance of spawning gold, iron or diamond moa armor. -Rare Halloween bags can now give iron moa armor. -Legendary Halloween bags can now give diamond moa armor. -Aether Expansion now increases the amount of guaranteed items that you receive from bronze, silver and gold dungeons from 3 to 4. -Aether Expansion now increases the max amount of items that you can receive from bronze, silver and gold dungeons from 6 to 7. -Both of these can be disabled in the config. It is enabled by default. I did this because now there are so many items that you can get from a chest that getting a specific item you want is hard and typically requires raiding multiple dungeons which gets boring after a while. -The following changes have been made to the loot tables of Aether dungeons:

Gold: -Added Gravitite Moa Armor -Added Resurrection Pendant -Added Black Moa Staff -Removed Shield of Jeb

Silver: -Removed Ring of Speed -Added Shield of Jeb -Added White Moa Staff

Bronze: -Added Blue Moa Staff -Added Zanite Moa Armor

Normal Silver: -Added Golden Elixir -Added Golden Moa Armor

Normal Bronze: -Added Golden Elixir -Added Golden Moa Armor

-Normal is referring to the wooden chests that spawn outside of the boss room.

v0.3.2: -Fixed an issue where the player would crash when shift clicking the healing staff around their inventory. -Fixed an issue where the Hammer of Jeb couldn't mine a 3x3 area of netherrack in area mode. -Optimized code for speed ring. -Valkyrie Ring now spawns in gold dungeons instead of silver dungeons. -The Aer Cape now needs 40 ambrosium to be repaired (up from 15). -The Aer Shield now needs 15 ambrosium to be repaired (up from 10). -The Shield of Jeb now needs 25 ambrosium to be repaired (up from 12). -The Lucky Pendant now needs 15 ambrosium to be repaired (up from 10). -The Sentry Shield now needs 40 ambrosium to be repaired (up from 15).

v0.3.1: -Added a bunch of mp code. -Bukkit build for Aether Expansion released (including bukkit events and working sounds)! -Due to some bugs with bukkit and some limitations, the following features are not implemented in the bukkit port: Unholy Sword entity poison effect (still causes lightning). The player will no longer be able to hit another entity with any of the Healing Staffs if they are on cooldown or have insufficient durability. If the player attacks an entity with the Flaming Gemstone equipped, there is now a 1 in 20 chance of the entity being set on fire for 8 seconds (as long as the entity being attacked isn't another player). -Changed default entity IDs in config (would recommend changing them yourself or regenerating config, if you try to log in to the server without doing this you will crash). -Fixed an issue where the player would not receive a message when their sentry shield was ready if they didn't use the ability again after unequipping it while it was ready and then re-equipping it. -Fixed some more jank code for the Hammer of Jeb. -Fixed some Hammer of Jeb logic. -Fixed some bugs with the double ore drops with the Hammer of Jeb and Lucky Pendant. -Fixed Gravitite Ore not logging in stats. -Even more code optimizations. -Fixed an issue where accessories were deleted when the player died. This is an Aether bug but I decided to fix it. If you don't like the idea, you can disable it in the config. If it is enabled, accessories will drop like any other item when the player dies. -Healing Staff can damage players again. -Removed extended reach from the Unholy Sword (I put it there for testing and forgot to remove it). -Cleaned up entity classes. -Optimized packets.

v0.3 (changelog to long here is DL):

v0.2: -Phoenix Sword no longer says that there are 5 seconds remaining when trying to use its ability when the sword is at 100 durability or lower. -Phoenix Sword ability cooldown is now 3 seconds (down from 5). -When Phoenix Sword is at 100 durability or lower and the player tries to use the ability, a message in the chat will now tell the player that there isn't enough durability. -Breaking blocks with a hardness value of 0.4 or less when in area mode with the Hammer of Jeb will now consume 1 durability. -Added in ability to configure entity ID for fireball. -Added in a keybind that the player can press to disable shields. -Various code optimizations.

Added the following Halloween content: -Added Vile Essence -Added Common, Rare and Legendary Halloween Bags. -Added Vile Blade -Added Unholy Sword -Added Unholy Crossbow -Added Unholy Arrow -Added Candy -Added Halloween Cape -Added in new lore entries for all the new items. -For info on these items, see the Halloween section above.

v0.1.1: -Phoenix Paxel can now melt Basalt, Basalt Cobble, Cobblestone, Clay and Cactus. -Phoenix Pickaxe can now melt Basalt, Basalt Cobble and Cobblestone. -Phoenix Axe can now melt Cactus. -Phoenix Shovel can now melt Clay. -Mining wood with the Phoenix Axe/Phoenix Paxel now drops charcoal instead of coal. -Fixed an issue where the Phoenix Pickaxe would be called the Phoenix Paxel. -Fixed an issue where the Phoenix Axe was ineffective against cactus. -The Aer Cape now requires more than 1 durability to negate fall damage however if it does negate fall damage it will not take any durability. -The Sentry Shield now has a button that can be configured in the control menu, when pressed it will activate the explosion effect around the player and take 1 durability. It has a 25 second cooldown. The shield still has a 15% chance to block damage and blow up when attacked. -The Shield of Jeb no longer spawns in silver dungeons, it'll now only spawn in gold dungeons. -Black Cape texture is slightly brighter now. -Fixed a bug where the Aer Shield wouldn't work when there was 11 durability remaining. -The Healing Matrix no longer spawns in gold dungeons. It can now be crafted with 2 healing stones and 1 golden amber. -The Phoenix Sword's right click ability to shoot a projectile now has a 5 second cooldown. -The Hammer of Jeb's area mode will no longer activate on blocks broken that have a hardness value of 0.4 or less. -The Hammer of Jeb now mines at the speed of an iron pickaxe when area mode is being used. -The Staff of Healing and the Staff of Lesser Healing both have a 5 second cooldown now. -The Staff of Lesser Healing now heals 3 hearts (up from 2). -The Staff of Healing now heals 6 hearts (up from 3). -The amount of HP each staff heals can now be configured in the config. -The Fist of mine_diver no longer spawns in silver dungeons, it'll now only spawn in gold dungeons. -The Fist of mine_diver now has 3001 durability (up from 1801). -The Fist of mine_diver's ability cooldown is now 10 seconds long (down from 20). -Fixed an issue where the lore of certain items would not display when it got damaged.

v0.1: -Initial Release


  • Meefy - Creator and developer of this addon.

  • mine_diver - Creator of ModMenu, OverrideAPI, AetherMP, AetherAPI and for helping me a bunch.

  • Calmilamsy - Helping me with the logic behind the speed ring.

  • LukeIsStuff - Making some of the assets that are used by this mod

  • Kingbdogz, ShockAh, Kodaichi, Flan and 303 - Original creators of the wonderful Aether mod as well as some assets that are used by this mod.


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