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Menuz for Alpha 1.2.6

Menuz is just a in-game menu you open like anything else by pressing C. Then, you will see a few different things the Inventory Editor I created, Join Server, Switch World, Change Texture Pack, and 3x3 Crafting Square. Switch you can do all of that in game, instead of going to the main menu! Here are some pictures below but the video will be much better to watch! The inventory editor I made is inspired by TooManyItems and Ingame InvEdit, about the way it looks I took inspration mainly from "Ingame InvEdit" TMI mainly helped with coding the editor correctly. I plain to make a better In-game Inventory Editor in the future for Alpha 1.2.6 that is more like TMI in the since that you can use it in your Inventory instead of how it is in this mod! By the way the Inventory Editor is disabled in Multiplayer!

Edits tons of base classes, I don't know which ones anymore though. I made this mod a long time ago!

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