SomeColoredCloth Version 1.0

Uploaded at 2020-06-24 23:49:30.

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SomeColoredCloth for Alpha 1.1.2_01

A bunch of crafting recipes, items and Blocks. I will make a crafting guide at some point

Adds Beta Wool Blocks and dyes that go with them in alpha 1.1.2_01!

Important Texture info!

All of my Alpha 1.1.2_01 mods are compatible with each other but because lack of a good modloader they all edit the same PNG.
So, when using more than one of my Alpha 1.1.2_01 mods, you need these textures.
Simply, add it as a jar mod right at the very bottom after all of the actually mods!

always check this link to see what the mod recent textures are!


Incompatible Mods
Modloader Alpha 1.1.2_01 from MCAchive
Important Modloader Information
Important Compatible textures, add has jar mod
Optional Dependencies
Edited Classes