Magical Flint Version 1.0

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Magical Flint for Alpha 1.1.2_01

Before anyone says it, yes this is like a bad EE rip off. But you can craft magical flint that you can use in special recipes to make your life easier!

This adds Red Flint, Diamond Flint, Smelter Flint, Several Crafting Recipes!

Youtube video for crafting recipes:

Important Texture info!

All of my Alpha 1.1.2_01 mods are compatible with each other but because lack of a good modloader they all edit the same PNG.
So, when using more than one of my Alpha 1.1.2_01 mods, you need these textures.
Simply, add it as a jar mod right at the very bottom after all of the actually mods!

always check this link to see what the mod recent textures are!

Incase you aren't hare from the discord!

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The Official Link

You can from more stuff about this mod from it's post in the discord


Incompatible Mods
Modloader Alpha 1.1.2_01 from MCAchive
Important Modloader Information
Important Compatible textures, add has jar mod
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