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Alpha v1.3 removes all recipes added from b1.2 to b1.7.3, reverts terrain generation back to a1.2.6, stops wolves and squid from spawning, and brings back several useful bugs removed in newer versions. Some of which include ladder gaps, minecart boosters, water ladders, crafting inventory storage, long chests, and some others I probably forgot. Since the mod is based on b1.7.3, it also benefits from having several QoL changes through bug fixes or minor features like leaf decay, redstone dimming depending on distance, and performance enhancements. This also lets multiplayer be far more complete as well, letting players visit the Nether or have server side inventories. And alongside all of that, the mod includes several other extra fixes to enhance the game from myself and from OldMana. A few such things being a soundfix, skin fix, online fix, and several other things.


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