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Ores for beta 1.7.3

This is my fisrt mod officially ever, so it does edit base classes but I am not sure which ones..

I started making this mod somewhat under a month ago. I originally started making this to waste up some of my time that I was just sitting around and to just get better with my "old" Minecraft coding skills. It's gets its name "Ores" because when I first made it, I only had the intent of adding ores and tools.

I would like to give partial credit to a good friend of mine "Pigy" for making some of the textures used in this mod!

Being that is this the initial release here is everything that has been added:

Copper(Ore, Ingots, Block, and Tools)

Tin(Ore, Ingots, Block, and Tools)

Bronze(Ingots, Block, and Tools)

Bronze Furnace(Smelts items 5% faster than a normal furnace)

Silicon(Ore, and gem like ball of silicon)

Aquamarin(Ore, Block, and gem shard)

Ruby(Ore, Block, and gem shard)

Peridot(Ore, Block, and gem shard)

Sapphire(Ore, Block, and gem shard)

SuperGem(Gem, Block, Pickaxe, Shovel, and Axe)

Flint Pickaxe

Cocaine Reeds > Cocaine Reed > Cocaine Cocaine

Reeds spawn and grow on Dirt/Grass, Sand, and Gravel

Wooden Furnace(Smelts 4 of the same items at once, two times loner than normal furnace)


Pickaxes are effective against:

Redstone, Furnaces, and Obsidian

Reeds spawn and can be grown on sand! Tool Tiers have also been changed!

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