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Wood Chipper for Beta 1.7.3

In the release update, I believe, 1.13. They make Bark Blocks and you can also take the bark off. I'm not entirely sure, it's something like that. Anyways with this mod you take an axe right click a long and get a stripped log or a Barkless log if you will AND you can now craft everything. I recommend HMI!

Adds Bark Block, Stripped logs, and Stripped "Bark" Blocks!

Note: If the server doesn't work correctly let me know there weren't many ways to test it and check if things work correctly. Also not every mod is made the same, with that being said not all axes will work. ALSO ALSO You can still use an axe to get Stripped Wood but it doesn't matter if the Log is Oak, Spruce, or Birch you will always get Stripped Oak. Best to use the crafting recipes. I recommend using HMI!

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