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Faithful fancy fashion features for fuzzy folk.

Note: The version of Ears for Fabric Cursed Legacy b1.7.3 uploaded here also backports all 64x64 skin functionality, including slim arms and translucent secondary layers, and contains its own skin fix that talks directly to the modern skin API.

Created due to a lack of the Tails mod for 1.16, Ears is a mod that adds ears, snouts, tails, horns, and more to the player.

Ears has a more vanilla-faithful appearance than Tails, with a lot of 2D regions but a few 3D ones too. There are a wide variety of possible configurations and it can all be customized.

Configure your skin at The Manipulator (click here)

Why use Ears? Because Ears is easy to port to other versions, based on a multi-version abstraction allowing the mod to even run in web browsers. The Tails mod has wonderful 3D models and animations, but it's a burden to update it to any version due to its large rendering system and all the data syncing code, causing it to be tightly coupled with the version of the game and mod loader it was designed for. Ears stores all data as pixels in the player's skin.

However, Ears requires you to draw your own additions, and does not come with easy recolorable prefabs like Tails. Additionally, unlike CPM or Figura, Ears has a limited number of customization options. (Note that if you have a simple idea, I may add it. Open an issue on GitHub or hop in Discord.) Ears offers a good middle-ground that will work in any version you wish to play, and will receive updates to snapshots for those of you who live on the edge. It also does not and never will use external servers, just Mojang's skin server, so there's no concerns about a third-party server going down (be it temporarily or for good).

Come discuss this mod and any of my others on Discord or Matrix, or send me an email.

As Ears' primary purpose is allowing character customization across a wide range of versions, requests for porting to new versions or loaders are ENCOURAGED. Is there a version you still play nobody else seems to care about? Let me know in the issues.


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