ManyMoreBlocks Version 1.1

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This mod adds another nibble array to Minecraft chunk data which is used to extend block IDs. Original 256 IDs multiplied by 16 nibble IDs give us 4096 total IDs.

Items, funnily enough, always supported 65536 IDs, Notch just thought that limiting them to 32000 would be funny.

This should be fully compatible with StationAPI and any other API, unless they have hardcoded 256 as blocks limit and 32000 as items limit. Multiplayer compatibility is there, too. But Only MMB servers can interact with MMB clients and vice-versa, at least yet. Vanilla clients on MMB servers will most likely crash or experience a lot of visual artifacts. MMB clients on vanilla servers are less likely to have visual artifacts, but are still likely to crash randomly.

Vanilla format worlds can be loaded by MMB just fine. MMB worlds can be loaded by vanilla too, but some blocks (with IDs higher than 255) will either disappear or turn into other blocks. Items with IDs higher than 31999 will crash vanilla game when are attempted to be rendered.


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