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IC2 MoarIC2Armor for Beta 1.7.3 IC2Mp.

This is an addon I made for IC2Mp for minecraft B1.7.3. This addon adds in 2 new items, the Night Vision Goggles and the Quantum Night Vision Helmet.

When they keybind is pressed (configurable in controls menu) and the night vision goggles helmet or quantum night vision helmet is equipped and there is power in the helmet, a night vision effect will come on the player.

The Night Vision Goggles consume 1 EU/Second when active. The night vision helmet has a capacity of 4000 EU.

The Quantum Night Vision Helmet consumes significantly more EU than the regular Night Vision Goggles. This was done to balance out the fact that the helmet still has a 1000000 EU battery capacity (exact same as quantum helmet) and has the same ability as the quantum helmet with the night vision ability added on to it.

Both of these helmets behave like nano and quantum armor in the sense that once they have one durability remaining, none of their abilities will work and they will not break. If night vision is active and the battery runs out, the goggles will shut off.

ModMenu support and custom entries in Aether's book of lore have also been added.

Please note that all of this functionality is disabled on singleplayer. You can craft the helmets but the night vision won't work. There was an issue where the game would crash every 5 seconds with InfSprites. Also the night vision would change the lighting of the world so no mobs would spawn. That's why this mod is meant for bukkit servers, not meant for singleplayer use. None of these issues are present on bukkit servers.

Changelog: v0.1: -Initial Release


  • Meefy - Creator and developer of this mod.

  • mine_diver - Creator of IC2Mp.

  • LukeisStuff - Creator of assets used.

  • ChessChicken - Helping me debug stuff.

If anyone is interested in playing this mod in multiplayer, I run a server that has this along with plenty of other mods. For more details, join the discord server:


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