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IC2 Portable Teleporters addon remade for Beta 1.7.3 IC2Mp.

This is a rewrite of the popular IC2 addon from B1.8.1 known as Portable Teleporters. I rewrote it because the client was completely lost so as a result I had to take a Bukkit port of the mod from B1.8.1 and port it to singleplayer. The Bukkit mod was also coded terribly and littered with game breaking issues.

Both the client and bukkit port are for minecraft B1.7.3 for IC2Mp. It will not work with IC2. If I get enough requests I may port it to IC2 though.

Here's a link to the original post:

The rewrite is slightly different from the original mod. Here is a list of all the differences: 1.When the player uses the Portable Teleporter when it is not bound, they will be teleported to the 0, 0, 0 coordinates and die in the void. A message will now be sent in chat saying that the player must link the Portable Teleporter to a teleporter in order to use it. 2.Fixed an issue where the teleporter that the Portable Teleporter is linked too would not save (making accidental deaths from the issue mentioned above happen very frequently). 3.The rewrite no longer uses modloader.addOverride, it now uses ITextureProvider. 4.Added in ModMenu support. 5.Added in custom entries in Aether's Book of Lore. 6.Fixed an issue where the mod would generate a blank config file with no way of editing ids. 7.Fixed an issue where if the player is in a different dimension from the teleporter that their Portable Teleporter is linked too, they will be teleported to the coordinates of that teleporter but in the current dimension they're in. Instead the Portable Teleporter will now tell the player that they cannot teleport when they are not in the same dimension as the teleporter. This was done to keep consistency between the mechanics of the IC2 teleporters. 8.Portable Teleporters now take 500000 EU to teleport as opposed to 1000000 EU. As a result of this the Portable Teleporter can now be used twice before needing to be recharged. 9.Added in a new type of Portable Teleporter, the Advanced Portable Teleporter: -Has 6 uses as opposed to the 2 that the regular one has. -It has a battery that is 3x bigger than the normal teleporter. As a result of this I have also tripled the amount of EU it can receive per tick. -It has 3 frequencies, meaning it can be linked to 3 separate teleporters at once. To changed between frequencies the player must shift right click with it, the frequency selected will be indicated in the chat. -The 3 teleporters that it is linked too can be in any dimension, but the player must still be in the appropriate dimension in order to teleport to that specific teleporter. -By default the normal Portable Teleporter only has Frequency 1 available to it. When upgraded to the Advanced Portable Teleporter, it will still be bound to the teleporter the Portable Teleporter was bound too on frequency 1. 10.The information for each frequency is stored in player data. This applies to the client and server. I used PlayerAPI to do this.

Changelog: v0.1.1: -Increased charge rate of both teleporters

v0.1: -Initial Release


  • Meefy - Creator of this mod.

  • mine_diver - Creator of IC2Mp. Also helped me with PlayerAPI.

  • F4113nb34st - Creator of the original mod that this is based on.


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