ProjectRed World Remake Version v0.4.13

Uploaded at 2020-06-24 23:49:31.

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The popular ProjectRed World module ported to work on b1.7.3.

v0.1: -Initial Release

v0.2: -Added ModMenu support -Added custom entries in the book of lore -Used Forge, so no sprites are required -Used Forge to fix harvest level of blocks and tools. -Tweaked World Gen to make marble and basalt less common. -Uses MetaData now so it will take 2 block ids as opposed to 11. -Fix generation id's being hardcoded.

v0.2.1: -Sapphire, Peridot and Ruby blocks will now drop when broken. -Fixed Lore spelling error.

v0.3: -Added Paxels (with custom entries in book of lore). -Preloaded terrain.png to stop texture glitching. -Used Forge for items now to save on sprites. -Tweaked ModMenu description. -Changed ModMenu Icon. -Added config to client. -Replaced MLProp config with Forge config -Mod now uses old textures from tekkit classic by default. This can be disabled in the config. -Nerfed Generation of all the ores, marble and basalt. These were generating to frequently. This should fix that.

v0.4: -Added in Sickles. They can be crafted out of vanilla materials or any of the gems -Added detection messages for soft dependency mods -Added an option in the config to enable/disable mod integration -Added in new Book of Lore entries for all the new items and blocks -Nerfed generation of all ores, basalt and marble (again) -Added 2 new blocks. Basalt Paver and Chiseled Basalt Bricks -Properly preloaded terrain.png file, this should fix the bug where all the blocks would render as completely white blocks. -Added in IC2 and IC2Mp integration. Gems can now be crafted out of UU-matter. Ruby may be used as a substitute for diamond in the energy crystal recipe. Sapphire may be used as a substitute for diamond in the lapotron crystal recipe. -Ported over some more old textures for the blocks. By default the old ones are enabled. The new ones may be enabled in the config. -Added in Volanos:

Client and bukkit: Generation of Volcanos and the old basalt generation can be enabled/disabled via the config.

Client: Generation of basalt in the ground has been disabled. Volcanos are enabled by default.

Bukkit: Volcanos don't generate properly on bukkit. They are disabled by default, plan on fixing this in the future. Old basalt gen is enabled by default.

v0.4.1: -Nerfed generation of Volcanos -Fixed an issue where the config wouldn't change the IDs of some items -Fixed an issue on Bukkit where the player would be kicked for internal server error when using a sickle while SAPI is installed on the server

v0.4.2: -Changed explosive and hardness properties of blocks to fall more in line with the B1.8 version of the mod. -Nerfed generation of volcanos again (still doesn't work properly on bukkit). -Fixed some spelling errors in the configuration file.

v0.4.3: -Fixed some spelling mistakes in the config. -Fixed an issue where some settings in the config wouldn't save. -Fixed a paxel mining speed issue that would occur when SAPI wasn't installed. -Fixed some tool recipes.

v0.4.4: -Added some code to will be used by my Aether Expansion mod in the future for integration between the 2 mods.

v0.4.5: -Fixed another paxel issue on bukkit. -Move sickle texture up slightly.

v0.4.6: -Added more options to configure integration for IC2Mp.

v0.4.7: -Fixed uu-matter recipe for sapphire. -Added in config option to disable ruby and sapphire substitute for energy crystal and lapotron crystal respecitvely.

v0.4.8: -The diamond sickle can now be crafted out of industrial diamonds from IC2/IC2Mp.

v0.4.9: -Cleaned up code -Fixed some dumb code in paxel class -Reduced about of tool enums used -Fixed some wrong arguments in tool enums -Fixed basalt gen being weird on client. It will now generate in normal amounts

v0.4.10: -Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, basalt would drop basalt instead of basalt cobble.

v0.4.11: -Fixed a crash in SP.

v0.4.12: -Fixed block placing glitch in MP. -Paxels are effective against more blocks. -Aether Expansion is no longer a soft dependency. -ProjectRed no longer requires MetaSmeltAPI and now uses Reforged instead of Forge.

v0.4.13: -Code cleanup -Tools now use custom tool logic that will not break with SAPI -If Aether is installed, tools will have enchanter recipes

If anyone is interested in playing this mod in multiplayer, I run a server that has this along with plenty of other mods. For more details, join the discord server:


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