Quit Button Version 1.0.0

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Un-hides the quit button, which exists but is hidden for some reason. Speculation: They mixed up the condition for hiding it, they meant to hide it when Minecraft was running as a Java applet, back when that was a thing, so that it wouldn't show up when playing on, but would show up when playing standalone. Instead the opposite behavior occurs. This is just a simple mixin that makes sure it's always un-hidden.


90% of the code was written in a Discord call by people saying sometimes conflicting things to me while I was screensharing. Sort of a port of my Risugami Modloader version of this mod.


I have since refactored this Mixin mostly independently to be safer. I appreciate the help of the people in that Discord call, but I've since learned how to do this better, so I came back and revised. Either way, without the help of the folks in the Modification Station discord I wouldn't be writing Mixins in the first place.


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