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VinylCraft is a mod that adds in many items, blocks, tools, and machines. Here are some of the things you can do in it:

Craft and listen to tons of new record discs!
Craft pointless weapons!
Summon creepers, and then defuse them!
Drink apple juice!
Eat Meals-Ready-to-Eat!
Discharge lightning from a Lightning Rod!
Set things on fire with Magnesium!
Make intermediate crafting ingredients such as batteries, gems, Pyrite Chunks, and Compressed Obsidian!
Eat jelly beans!
Tunnel out stone, cobblestone, and obsidian with the Obsidian Bore!
Create an Auto-Hoe to analyze and harvest your crops!
Make tools from gems!
Use the power of Citrine to change the position of the sun!
Make a Fortunate Pickaxe (a backport of a Fortune III pickaxe)!
Make pickaxes from bones!
See your personal info with a PDA!
Craft hammers to clear out large tunnels!
Grow ore from seeds!
Extract and refine materials from other ones with the Industrial Extractor!
Create powerful artifacts with Meteoric Iron!
Store items in crates!
Generate more cobblestone than you'll ever use!
Store it all in a Deep Stroage Unit!
Make blocks that you can disguise and pass through!
Disguise blocks as levers!

See the latest documentation and find the latest download link here!


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